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Collect.  Review.  Select.  It's just that easy.

Intheorious Call for Papers and Speaker Management system helps simplify and organize the entire Call for Papers process.  From the time a speaker submits their information and abstract, to review and final speaker selection, Intheorious helps you stay organized throughout the entire process.  The Review site allows you to review or assign other team members to review potential speakers and supports multiple levels and phases of approval.  The Administrative site allows your team to view, edit, sort and organize submissions, download submitted abstracts, assign and invite reviewers, monitor reviewers progress and access real-time reports.  No more messy forms or scattered information.  Once speakers have been selected, speaker presentations and materials can be posted on the Materials site to allow attendees to download and print presentation materials.

How the Process Works

Call for Papers


 Speakers can be personally invited or can submit their information on your custom Submission Site, to be reviewed and considered.

Invite Known Speakers


Send invitations to the people you would like to speak at the event.  Invited speakers will submit their information on the Submission Site to be reviewed.

Invite Unknown Speakers


Invite anyone to be considered to speak at the event.  Candidates can submit their information on the Submission Site to be reviewed.

Review Submissions


Review or assign other team members to review the information and documents you've collected from potential speakers.



Approved speakers will be automatically notified.



Non-approved speakers will be automatically notified and no further action is required.

Call for Papers Components



Speakers can submit their demographic information and abstract to be reviewed on a customized Submission site branded for your event.

Administrative SITE


• View, edit, sort and organize submissions

• View and download submitted abstracts

• Add, assign and invite reviewers

• Monitor reviewers progress

• View reports and scores

• Communicate with speakers

Review Site


Assigned reviewers can login to view and score the abstracts that they've been assigned.  The review and scoring process is customized based on your business rules.

Materials Site


Attendees can download and print presentation materials for all sessions prior to and after the event.

A fully customizable Call for Papers platform.

Discover how Intheorious can help transform your events and combine your event systems into a single all-inclusive platform.


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