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Table Seating selection

Seat.  Sort.  Organize.

With the Intheorious Table Seating Selection platform, you can quickly place your guests or attendees at tables on a colorful floor map branded for your event.  Easily add, move, resize and delete tables on the floor map and use the Seating Portal to sort, organize and fine-tune.  Can't decide where to seat your guests?  The Auto-seat feature can quickly place your guests at tables at random or using algorithms.  The Intheorious Table Seating Selection platform is perfect for any event large or small including banquets, galas, award ceremonies, seminars, keynotes or networking events.

Table Seating Selection features.

Custom Floor Plan


We create a custom branded floor plan for your event.  Tables can be created in various shapes, sizes and colors.

Add, Move, Resize & Delete


Need to make a quick change to your floor plan or add new tables?  We give you the tools to add, move, resize or delete any guest table.

View Table List on Hover


Hover over a table to view the guest list and make quick changes on the fly or use the Seating Portal for more comprehensive tasks.

Color-coded Table Types


Easily distinguish different table types, categories or classifications with color-coded tables.

Seating Portal


Easily sort your guest list by any custom field or category.  Can't decide where to seat your guests?  Use the algorithm based Auto-seat feature to quickly place your guests at a table.

Easily Sort Lists


Sort your guest list by any field or category in the Seating Portal.

Discover how Intheorious can help transform your events and combine your event systems into a single all-inclusive platform.


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